What We Do

At TEXAS SPORTS HYPERBARICS we specialize in Hyperbaric Oxygen and other advanced therapies to provide our patients with the most medically advanced, leading edge care available today. All of our expert services are provided in a luxurious, private setting by certified, experienced medical technicians under the supervision of multi-disciplinary physicians.

Texas Sports Hyperbarics opened fall 2010, under the supervision of Medical Director, respected surgeon and 30 year veteran of hyperbaric medicine, Dr. Harry Meyers.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (also known as HBOT) is a proven, medical treatment that can benefit patients with a variety of conditions.  Patients receive 12-15 times more oxygen and the treatment encourages the body to build new capillaries, speed healing and reduce inflammation from injury, surgery or chronic illness.  We offer comprehensive individual plans for promoting optimal health and wellness, and all therapy is administered by our experienced, caring staff.

At Texas Sports Hyperbarics, patients receive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in the worlds largest and most advanced single person hyperbaric chambers where they can watch TV or nap in the comfort of a spacious acrylic FDA approved chamber.