Stem Cells Study

View Full PDF Version Stem Cells Study THE GOAL of this investigation was to determine whether exposure to hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) would mobilize bone marrow- derived stem/progenitor cells (SPCs) in humans and animals. Pluripotent SPCs from adults exhibit properties similar to embryonic SPCs and hold promise for treatment of degenerative and inherited disorders (9, 20). Postnatal neovascularization occurs by sprouting of endothelium from preexisting blood vessels (angiogenesis) and by endothelial SPCs released from the bone marrow that home to foci of ischemia in a process termed vasculogenesis (21). SPC mobilization from the bone marrow can be stimulated by peripheral ischemia, vigorous exercise, chemotherapeutic agents, and hematopoietic growth factors (2, 16, 22, 23, 27, 30, 36). SPCs also can be obtained by direct bone marrow harvesting and ex vivo manipulations (10, 28, 32). Hematopoietic SPCs are typically obtained for the purpose of bone marrow transplantation by administration of chemotherapeutic agents and growth factors (36). Utilizing these agents to obtain autologous SPCs for treating disorders such as organ and limb ischemia, and refractory wounds, has been considered, but application is thwarted because of risks such as acute arterial thrombosis, angina, sepsis, and death (7, 20, 21, 27, 29, 30, 36). View Full PDF Version